Tenner Challenge

Posted: 31st March 2022

Year 10 GCSE Business Studies pupils have been taking part in the Tenner Challenge over the past 4 weeks. They were lent £10 to come up with a business idea and invest wisely in marketing, production and other business activities, including writing a business plan, designing a logo, recording a 60-second sales pitch and selling their products.

Businesses created included car washing, candle making, selling recycled vases, sweets, and jewellery. At the end of the challenge pupils return their £10 along with a £1 legacy fee, and can either donate their profit to charity, invest further in their business or buy themselves a nice slap up meal.

The challenge has been a great success and pupils have enjoyed the opportunity of adding a practical application to their GCSE studies.

More photographs can be found on Facebook.

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