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Posted: 23rd June 2022

The whole group of students with the sea behind them

What an incredible adventure! All the winds were in our favour, with a fantastic campsite, excellent range of activities and a glorious forecast across the week. It was a truly excellent trip that will stay in the minds of our Year 8 pupils for many years to come.

We set forth from Tavistock and travelled in convoy to the Lizard, where we were immersed in a coastal walk to explore the flora and fauna of this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Site of Special Scientific Interest. We discussed the return of choughs to Cornwall, the unique species of plant life and the staggering beauty of the Cornish coast. Although not lucky enough to see a chough, we were joined by a kestrel hovering over our talk. After lunch on the beach, we went treasure hunting at Dollar Cove and explored the historical links to shipwrecks, before setting up camp in a tranquil old orchard.

The whole trip was packed with exciting and engaging activities. Pupils attended a workshop at the Minack theatre and were able to perform in small groups on this unique and world-famous stage. We later enjoyed an engaging comedy on the life of Elizabeth I. Other activities included surfing lessons, climbing, and art and science activities on Poldhu beach, a staggeringly beautiful location from which Marconi first sent wireless transmissions across the Atlantic in 1901 using a spark gap transmitter. The pupils also worked on skits throughout the week and staff were treated to a smorgasbord of performances on our last evening.

On the way back to Tavistock, we took in a National Trust visit to St Micheal’s Mount at Marazion. It was a truly enjoyable trip with a fantastic cohort of Year 8 pupils who will be missed next year at the Prep. Behaviour and spirits were outstanding throughout the expedition.

Article by Piers Davidson, Head of Mathematics (Prep) and Head of Upper Prep

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