Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Posted: 9th September 2022

A picture of Queen Elizabeth II

Statement from the Head Master:

With the passing of our beloved monarch, there is a real sense that a significant chapter in the history of our nation is closing. As a community we will be recognising this remarkable life, according our deepest respect and seeking a greater understanding of the importance of our monarchy in our constitution and culture.

Over the next 10 days there will be a series of services and events in the School, and opportunities for discussion and refection; the flag will be flown at half-mast for this period, and a social media blackout will be observed.

Around this, the School’s calendar will roll on. We feel strongly that we have a duty to our children to ensure their education is uninterrupted, whilst balancing against that the imperative of acknowledging a moment of huge significance in our shared history. In this we might be following our Queen’s example of stoicism and fortitude; I believe she would approve.

Arrangements for the day of the State Funeral will be communicated separately.

Very few of us have known a world without Her Majesty, but we move into that new world girded by her enduring memory and inspiration.

God save the King.

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