The Big Debate

Posted: 25th November 2022

Big Debate

‘This house believes that the Sciences are far superior to the Arts’.

Chaired by the charismatic and jovial Sahel, a great debate took place on Wednesday evening, and the Library was filled with a plethora of passionate, judicious, and insightful speeches from both sides of the house.

Our pupil speakers from the Sciences, Finlay, Sasa and Ben, proposed their central idea, that sciences work for the greater good and for humanity to progress. Our pupil speakers from the Arts, Diana, Felipe and Sophia, countered with the importance of creativity in giving meaning to life. The clash of the giants between Mr Sandford and Mr Reid included eloquent speeches and refutative rebuttals, both reflecting on real-life scenarios from their respective disciplines.

In the end, the Sciences won a decisive vote. Overall, it was a lively and vibrant night where the art of debating shone and Academia, in the form of both Arts and Sciences, prevailed once more.

Article by Sahel, Year 13 

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