Shackleton Programme

Posted: 24th May 2023

Over the last few weeks, pupils in Years 5 to 7 have had the opportunity to take part in the Prep Shackleton programme.

Year 5 made the most of their Shackleton day at Simply Outdoors taking on the high ropes course and the leap of faith onto the trapeze, as well as trying their hand at archery. Each group collected points for the number of challenges they completed both independently and together, and it was wonderful to see how the children supported each other and worked as a team, even when it was mentally and physically tough.

Year 6 pupils enjoyed a day at Reed Fisheries where the learnt to canoe, kayak and build rafts with Simply Outdoors.

Year 7 pupils took part in activities around The Dewerstone. They scrambled and squeezed their way to the top, where they enjoyed splendid views across Dartmoor. Pupils climbed slopes of differing difficulty using ropes and harnesses, and the highlight for many was the abseil back down!

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