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Posted: 10th November 2023

Film School

Oscar Winning Performances at One Day Film School

As part of Mount Kelly’s intensives initiative we were delighted to welcome Film Director Ed Boase and Actor Charlie Maier, from the Young Film Academy, for a One Day Film School. Intensives give our pupils wider opportunities to discuss, learn and find out more about themselves and other subjects beyond the curriculum.

During an exhilarating, informative and busy day our Year 9 and Year 10 Drama pupils were tutored in different disciplines regarding the filming process.

In the morning pupils learnt:

  • Film history – from the early days of film to the latest in special effects
  • Fight choreography – analysing James Bond and Indiana Jones fight scenes and filming their own screen punch
  • Camera work – learning to use an iPad like a pro, tips and tricks to avoid common mistakes and practicing a three Shot Film about a theft
  • Screenwriting – discovering three key things every good script needs, how to tell a great story, create memorable characters and make us care

In the afternoon, pupils took the 10 Shot Challenge, creating a short film for premiering at the end of the day. Pupils self-allocated a role within their film crew – writer, director, producer, screenwriter, actors and used a range of costumes and props.

Most adverts take several months to make, but the groups showed great leadership and teamwork, and no-one missed their 90 minute deadline. Their final task was to give their film a poster tagline before VIP judges, including Guy Ayling, Head Master and Young Film Academy representatives watched premieres of all the films on the big screen, and decided which would win the ultimate prize: the Best Picture Oscar.

Lizzy Harris, Subject Lead – Drama and Teacher of English (College) said, “It was a fantastic day where the pupils rose to the challenges admirably. The standard was very high and there was tremendous energy and creativity in all the films. Choosing the Best Picture Oscar was very difficult, but it was awarded to Poisoned Cuisine. It told an engaging, entertaining story which was technically superb. The judges were particularly impressed by the excellent performances and high standard of camerawork, editing and sound design.”

A special Oscar Commendation went to The Fallen Swan.

All of the films from the One Day Film School workshop can be seen here:

More photographs can be found on Facebook.

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