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Posted: 29th November 2023

Networking Event

Mount Kelly played host to a dynamic networking event that brought together pupils, professionals, and community leaders from Devon and Plymouth. The event, marked by a sense of collaboration and purpose, provided a unique location for attendees to connect and share ideas.

Our pupil ambassadors took centre stage as they led guided tours of the College. Their enthusiasm and pride in showcasing their school added a personal touch to the event, and they played fantastic hosts during numerous networking opportunities.

The delegates were able to hear from Tim Randell, publisher of the Links magazine and Chair of the Tavistock Chamber of Commerce, who shared his wealth of experience and knowledge about Tavistock. His presentation not only shed light on the local economic landscape but also inspired the attendees to consider the vast opportunities available in their own community.
Head Master, Guy Ayling, took the stage to share his vision for education and the impact of Mount Kelly on a local and national scale. His words resonated with the audience, emphasising the importance of collaboration in shaping a prosperous future.

The event served as a bridge between the academic and professional spheres, creating a space for meaningful conversations to take place and an opportunity to reflect on the local, national, and international strength of independent education.

Thank you to Kelly and her team at the Devon and Plymouth Chamber for organising the event.

Watch the video here.

Article by Caolan Wukics, Commercial Manager at Mount Kelly

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