The Inspector Snow Trilogy

Posted: 8th December 2023

Students performing a play

Last night, Year 7 pupils took to the Wortham Hall stage with The Inspector Snow Trilogy; a gritty, festive detective comedy.

Form 7LMH opened the show with Elf-inflicted Wounds, a look into the life of shopping centre Santas, and the ‘not so innocent’ elves that assist them.

7MGH followed with The Sleeping Santa, a message about the true family meaning of Christmas.

Closing the show, 7SGB performed The Twelve Murders of Christmas; a spin on the Christmas song about a bitter songwriter out for revenge after losing out on the royalties for his music.

The children put on a superb performance, and a great night of festivities and comedy was had by all!

More photographs can be found on Facebook.

Categories: Performing Arts