Sustainability Week

Posted: 19th April 2024

The topic of sustainability has been firmly planted as the central theme to lessons at the Prep this week.

On Monday, the Ocean Conservation Trust delivered a Climate Heroes Assembly to all pupils, explaining the connection between the ocean and the climate, and inspiring pupils to work together to reduce their carbon footprints.

This was followed by a Climate Conundrum workshop for Year 6 children, in which pupils learnt about corals and how they are impacted by climate change. They examined real coral skeletons, learnt about coral reproduction, classification and the impact of ocean acidification by conducting some practical experiments.

Pupils in Years 7 and 8 took part in a Beach Guardian day at Constantine Beach on Thursday and Friday, where they learnt about the impact of microplastics on the coastal environment, the importance of the dunes system on the local ecosystem, and undertook a series of activities in order to protect and futureproof the beauty of the seven bays.

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