Year 9 LOTC

Posted: 9th May 2024

Mount Kelly’s Year 9 cohort recently embarked on an action-packed Learning Outside the Classroom (LOTC) programme that pushed their boundaries, nurtured teamwork, and instilled the College’s core values. From crawling around in the depths of caves to scaling new heights on the Mendip Assault Course, they embraced every challenge with enthusiasm and determination.

The LOTC programme was an exciting mix of historical explorations, physical feats, and creative expression. Pupils delved into Bristol and Bath’s rich past with visits to the SS Great Britain and the Mary Shelley House of Frankenstein, igniting their curiosity about maritime innovation and literary history. A Jane Austen Walking Tour through Bath also offered a glimpse into the world of 18th-century England, fostering an appreciation for the elegance of the era.

But the adventures weren’t limited to dry land! Pupils descended into caves, a true test of courage and respect for their environment. The Duke of Edinburgh training instilled valuable skills in navigation and teamwork, while a rousing game of Frisbee Golf in the evenings provided a welcome dose of light-hearted competition.

The excitement didn’t stop there. Year 9 rocketed into the future at the Aerospace Museum, participating in a “Mission to Mars” workshop that challenged their problem-solving skills and ignited their passion for space exploration. Witnessing the electrifying performance of Hamilton at the Bristol Hippodrome offered a powerful lesson in perseverance and determination, perfectly aligning with the Mount Kelly value of commitment.

Pupils also got their creative juices flowing with a Banksy tour and spray paint art session, where they explored the world of street art and honed their artistic integrity. The mud-splattered Mendip Assault Course pushed every pupils’ physical limits, demanding both courage and compassion as they supported each other through obstacles. Even the refreshing swim sessions served as a valuable team-building exercise, fostering camaraderie and a sense of shared accomplishment.

Throughout the programme, the Year 9 pupils exemplified the Mount Kelly values. They demonstrated unwavering commitment to each activity, tackled challenges with courage, and treated everyone with respect. Their teamwork was exceptional, as they collaborated effectively to overcome obstacles and navigate new experiences. This immersive LOTC programme not only provided an unforgettable adventure but also instilled valuable life skills and reinforced the core principles that define Mount Kelly’s vibrant school community.


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