Our Mathematics department is an essential part of academic life at the school.

Lessons are taught through a variety of activities, investigations and games, concentrating on many different areas of Mathematics, whilst giving pupils the opportunity to explore ideas and concepts. Whilst our ultimate aim is to prepare pupils for Common Entrance and Scholarship in Year 8, we also strive to give pupils confidence and a variety of opportunities to stretch and challenge their understanding of mathematics. Most importantly, pupils at Mount Kelly enjoy solving puzzles, conquering new skills and the joy of success. Increasingly, we are developing learning through the use of ICT and online resources to reinforce and augment the learning that takes place both within and outside the classroom, for pupils of all ages.

During the year, we aim to enter pupils into various mathematical challenges, such as the Primary Maths Challenge and the UKMT team competition, where we recently enjoyed great success including a number of Gold awards and one Year 8 pupil qualified for the Maths Olympiad.