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Government and Politics

  • A Level Government and Politics

The GCE A Level course in Government and Politics involves the study of the modern UK constitution and topical debates in British politics, and it will enable pupils to develop an insight into the political beliefs and ideologies that are central to an understanding of the modern world. It will also place the British political system in a wider international context. The specification provides:

  • „A broad course which provides a structured foundation of political knowledge on which to develop
  • Skills for citizenship and further study
  • „An emphasis on contemporary politics and current areas of constitutional concern, putting the UK in the context of the wider world
  • „The opportunity to specialise in different areas, giving pupils the opportunity to develop a
  • Deeper understanding of aspects of the subject at a higher level
  • „The opportunity to engage in contemporary political debates

The new Edexcel specification for teaching from September 2017 has not yet received final approval from QCA.