Philosophy, Religion & Ethics

Studying Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (PRE) at Mount Kelly creates the opportunity for each child to study religion and the nature of existence, questioning and discussing philosophical concepts and issues. From Year 5, connections with other subject areas are reinforced, for example, the study of the Holocaust within the Upper Prep coincides with International Holocaust Day and is marked through holocaust literature in English and the wider context within history. We do not believe in examining personal systems of belief, and studying Fundamental British Values alongside Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural aspects of learning allows pupils the freedom to explore, learn and express their opinions in a safe and supportive environment. Classrooms are considered ‘safe spaces’ where an atmosphere of mutual respect, consideration for others and tolerance is fostered. Within the Upper Prep, pupils are challenged to research a chosen world religion or belief system as part of a group (Year 7) and then individually (Year 8).